Dutch is a network of the very best professional firm BD, marketing, comms, bid & client relationship experts.

The number of professionals looking to change the way in which they work is growing. Some wish to move to a part time position, others are seeking full time roles with flexible hours. An increasing number aim to work from home for some - or even all - of the working week and many professionals would like to work with a variety of firms to broaden their experience and enhance the expertise they can bring to a marketing and BD team.

What we stand for

We believe that expertise should be shared and valued regardless of personal circumstances, location or limitations on time. Which is why we engage with the leading global professional services firms to find opportunities that are the perfect fit for people who want to work differently.

Flexible hours, flexible days, flexible locations, that’s what we strive for on your behalf. Full time, part time, or compressed hours, you set the parameters and we find the opportunities that fit.

Some professional service firms are open to flexible working, yet often it’s the firm’s previous employees who have exclusive access to such positions. Breaking into a firm as a fresh face can be incredibly difficult on a freelance, interim or contract basis

96% of respondents to our survey said that finding new work is the most difficult aspect of being a professional firm marketing consultant and freelancer.

Dutch will promote the network with large professional service firms globally to make finding new work easier for you.

Tried and tested

We regularly hear Marketing and Business Development Directors say they are unable to fill short term, interim or project roles in their team. Finding cover for maternity/paternity leave, short term sickness or spikes in workload is particularly challenging. This can result in firms resourcing their need internally with current employees being stretched beyond their capacity.

With so many superb professionals able to take on these roles, hiring on a flexible/remote basis makes perfect sense.

Whilst the template is effective, it is not traditional. We appreciate that some firms will need to overcome trust and security issues to enjoy the benefits of working with Dutch. But we’re ready to help convince firms that finding the right expert should be the priority over location and presenteeism.

Our aim is to build a global network of flexible and remote professional firm Marketing/BD experts. Supporting the leading professional firms with their marketing, communication, business development, client relationship, and bid resource needs, wherever they may be.

Most of all, we want our network of experts to enjoy what they do and truly thrive. We want to help them find remote/flexible BD/Marketing opportunities with leading professional firms and have access to a network of like-minded individuals for sharing ideas, best practice and support.

55% of marketing & BD freelancers felt “knowledge and idea sharing” was the aspect they missed most about full time employment.

Bridging the gap

The Dutch network can help to bridge that gap by bringing professional firm marketing and business development freelancers and consultants together. Sharing best practice, ways of working and helping each other.

Whether you are already a consultant, contractor or freelancer, or a professional services BD/Marketing expert who would like to start working in a more flexible/remote way, it would be great to hear from you.

Our clients are typically professional service firms with a focus on law, accountancy, commercial real estate, engineering or management consulting.

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