Full time, part time, flexible or remote; you set the parameters, we provide the expertise.

Our network of business development, communications, client relationship, social media, research, bids and digital marketing experts are available as and when you require. Let them lead your campaigns; provide interim cover, support a practice or simply offer a hand when an extra pair is needed. Dutch experts have extensive experience in managing marketing/BD projects from the office or from afar.


We understand the struggle that global marketing & BD Directors face when filling short term gaps within their team. Resourcing a 6 month interim cover, covering a spike in workload or finding someone to run an important marketing and business development project can be particularly challenging.

70% of marketing & BD freelancers and contractors said that their clients appreciate the focus they bring to the firm.

Most of the experts in our network are looking to work flexibly and/or remotely. Some are open to working from an office on a flexible basis, others need to work completely remotely.

We understand that for some firms this will be a deal breaker. They may prefer the traditional full time, office based approach to hiring interim cover. However our experience has proven that with regular communication and a clear brief, our flexible and remote experts can achieve just as much as someone in the office full time. The expertise they have built from working for numerous firms helps to inform ideas and produce better ways of working. They have a happier work/life balance and deliver higher quality work and effective results.

87% of our professional firm marketing and BD experts have experienced a significant improvement in their health and happiness since moving towards a more flexible and remote work style..

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